Kabaddi: 101

Kabaddi is a highly athletic sport with roots in India. This fast-paced sport requires strength, speed, and determination. It can be played indoors or outdoors, and is gaining popularity due to its unique and energetic playstyle.

How to Play

The goal of Kabaddi is for one player to run into the opposite team’s court and “touch out” as many of the opposite team’s players as possible before returning to their own side of the court. The players on the defending side are called antis, and the team on the attacking side are called raiders. The difficult aspect of the game comes from two parts here. The attacking player must attack the antis alone, and also must chant “Kabaddi kabaddi” while attacking. This requires the player to have great lunch capacity.

The teams take turns being the raiders and antis. Teams generally have seven players on each side. To score points, a raider must tag as many antis as possible without taking a breath. Those players who are tagged are considered to be out for the round.

For the antis, they can prevent the raiders from scoring points by wrestling the attacking raider to the ground and making him break his chant or take a breath.

History of Kabaddi

Kabaddi originated in ancient India. It is thought that it originated in group hunting activities in Tamil Nadu. In the 1900s, it spread to the northern part of India and was especially popular in Punjab.

The game had its first formalized rules between 1920 and 1950. It is now a popular game in many places and has two main forms. The two main forms are international and Indian and have slight variations in rules and regulations.

Kabaddi has been featured in the Olympics and has become popular in countries including Japan and China. The International Kabaddi Federation was formed in 2004 and has helped solidify the presence of Kabaddi internationally. Kabaddi did not have any international women teams until 2012, when the International Kabaddi World Cup was hosted in Patna, India. Kabaddi is now the national sport of Nepal and Bangladesh.

Kabaddi is a unique and difficult game and encourages players to have superior lung and physical strength.

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Best New England Getaways This Winter

New England is an excellent year-round travel destination, but the winter season is especially magical. The New England region, composed of Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Rhode Island, has limitless indoor and outdoor getaway opportunities. Here are some of the best places to visit during the winter.

Jackson, New Hampshire

Situated in the Mount Washington Valley, Jackson, NH is a must-see destination for cross-country skiers, lovers of fine dining, and anyone wanting to escape to the mountains. There are dozens of nearby attractions, including various ski resorts, ice skating rinks, and Michelin-starred restaurants. This is a great choice for young couples and families with children.

Stowe, VT

Adventure seekers will find everything they need in Stowe, VT. The small town offers myriad winter escapes, from first-class skiing and gondola skyrides to live concert performances and award-winning spas. Ice cream lovers will be especially delighted to visit, as Stowe is just a short drive away from the Ben & Jerry’s factory, which offers tours, samples, and more.

Bethel, Maine

Maine is known for its many lakes and islands in the summer, but Bethel shines in the winter. The small town is close to some of the best ski resorts in the state, including Sunday River Resort, which has over one hundred trails. Grafton Notch State Park and the White Mountain National Forest are just a short drive away, and the downtown area is known for its abundance of Maine lobster restaurants. Whether visitors enjoy snowshoeing, skiing, mountain biking, or winter hiking, Bethel has it all.

Litchfield, Connecticut

Those seeking a more metropolitan getaway experience will love Litchfield, CT. Known for its interesting shops and annual Christmas Town Festival, Litchfield is just a short drive away from Greenwich. An added bonus: The small city is situated along the Connecticut Wine Trail. While visitors may not be able to enjoy vineyard tours in the winter months, there is more than enough wine to go around.

Newport, Rhode Island

In the summer, Newport, RI is known for its white beaches, cliffside mansions, and lively ocean parties. In the winter, the city is known for much of the same – but with an additional dash of magic. Newport is home to dozens of luxury boutiques, spas, and restaurants. Those who plan their trips smartly can also experience the Newport Winter Festival.

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Understanding the Global Popularity of Soccer

The popularity of soccer is increasing day by day across the world. Soccer is a game played for pleasure, exercise, relaxation, and entertainment. Playing soccer began in ancient times, and it continues to be popular still today. Although other sports are becoming popular in recent times, soccer remains on the top list of most popular sports globally. The following are five reasons why soccer has gained popularity worldwide:

1) Soccer Can be Played By All Genders and All Ages

Soccer is a sport that everyone can play. The game can be played by children and adults, which means that it brings people of all ages together to play a game they love to play. It also helps people get rid of stress when they have had a hard day at work or school.

2) Affordable Sports Gear

It does not require any expensive equipment. All you need is your feet and a ball to play soccer, making it easier for everyone to play the game. However, unlike other parts of the globe where you only need a ball to play soccer in the United States, you should be registered in a sports club that can cost about $1500 per year. Nevertheless, you can play soccer anywhere, and you do not even need a field unless at professional levels where a sports field is required.

3) Soccer Is a Team Sport.

This means that people of all ages and genders can come together and play the game as a team. There are always different positions in a soccer team, making it easier for everyone to contribute according to their ability.

4) Soccer Is an Easy Sport to Learn.

It requires no special skills, strength, or agility but only determination and practice. Even if you don’t know how to kick the ball at first, you will get better with practice.

5) Soccer Is One of the Most Preferred Sports in Learning Institutions.

It is becoming more popular in schools around the world and colleges and universities because it is an excellent way for students to come together socially and develop their teamwork skills and improve their physical health through exercising regularly while playing soccer regularly.


The ease of accessibility of soccer globally has made the sport popular among people of all ages and genders. It is a team sport that makes soccer more appealing to many people. Besides, there are leagues in different countries for adults and children, which has developed this sport into a global phenomenon.

This article was originally published on Rohan Bridgett’s blog.

Travel Trends of 2022


The travel trends of 2022 are predicted to be different from the world back in 2017. Some changes can be seen, including developing more affordable destinations for accessible tourism, new technology adoption, and the rise of urban tourism.

1. Affordable Destinations for Accessible Tourism

Developing more affordable destinations for accessible tourism will make some goals more appealing. For example, more affordable airlines to some destinations such as Lufthansa will make air travel more attractive. Also, cheaper hotels and tours will make accessible tourism more appealing.

2. New Technology Adoption

The development of new technology in 2022 can lead to a shift in how tourists travel. For example, there will be a shift in the way people book their vacations via apps and websites instead of visiting physical travel agencies. This trend leads us to the next one.

3. The Rise of Urban Tourism

The rise of urban tourism will make tourism accessible to anyone who wants to go anywhere. For example, there are multiple bike-sharing programs in New York City that enable tourists to travel from point A to point B within minutes. There is also the option for tourists to get rides in self-driving cars or take public transportation instead of renting a car.

4. Motion Sensing Technology

Motion sensing technology is predicted to become more prevalent in 2022. This technology enables many devices such as doors and elevators, lockers, and cars to open and close automatically. It will also allow the lights on or screen of the device to turn off or on automatically when the user leaves or enters a room.

5. Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is predicted to become more prevalent during travel trends in 2022. For example, there are already smartphone cases that you can wear to help keep your phone safe and waterproof, as well as soft lights that help lighten up homes and keep them organized.

6. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is expected to become more prevalent during travel trends in 2022. This technology includes using VR headsets such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or Sony PlayStation VR. Still, some feature a simple camera placed in your home or office. This technology allows users to experience the environment they want to visit and feel like they are in a different world.

7. Microhotels

Micro hotels are predicted to become more widespread through 2022. These hotels include private overnight stays on an air mattress within the host’s homes and rooms for rent in converted vans or RVs. Micro hotels will be cheaper than traditional hotels.

These travel trends will affect how tourists travel in 2022 because of technology, accessibility, and affordability. These changes can make traveling more accessible, safer, and more affordable.

Holiday Travel Tips

Every year millions of people across the world travel thousands of miles to celebrate the holidays with their family and friends. While this time of year is filled with good tidings and cheer, it can also be quite stressful. Fortunately, there are several ways people can decrease travel-related stress and enhance their experience so they can focus on what’s important this holiday season.

Travel by Plane if Possible

While road trips can be fun, they can be more stressful than traveling by plane. Roads are busy during the holiday season, which can lead to travel delays, fatigue, and irritability. Consider traveling by plane if possible. Although flying can also be stressful, it is a quicker, more convenient way to travel domestically and internationally. Try to book the most direct route possible to decrease chances of flight cancellations and delays.

Remember to Pack Spare Masks

Though the holiday season is always a joyful time of year, it’s important to remember the pandemic isn’t over. There may still be mask requirements in certain areas of the country and other parts of the world. Be sure to pack a few spare masks for all members of the travel group, and have them on hand in case one falls on the ground or breaks on the plane or at the shops.

Ship Gifts Ahead of Arrival

Shipping gifts to their final destination ahead of arrival can help to eliminate unnecessary weight when boarding the plane. It can also cut down on expenses if the plane requires additional baggage fees for parcels brought on board. Another great tip is to check if the gifts can be wrapped prior to delivery. If not, simply wrap them upon arrival.

Roll With the Punches

Sometimes, delays or other travel hiccups are inevitable. Perhaps a flight has been delayed due to weather or there’s been a mix-up with the rental car company. Maybe the luggage was placed on a separate flight and it won’t arrive for a few days. Regardless of circumstances, try to relax and roll with the punches. By taking a breath and focusing on what’s truly important this holiday season, one will be more likely to take things in stride and enjoy this festive time of year.

Winter Sports To Try Out

Winter sports are a great way to stay fit and enjoy during the cold months. Consider trying out different and weird winter sports to make winter sports more accessible and fun. Here are new winter sports one can try out.

1. Snowshoeing

Though one may have never heard of snowshoeing, it is a popular winter sport. Snowshoeing is a form of hiking with snowshoes attached to one’s feet. It is a relatively safe yet challenging winter sport. It requires you to cover a range of terrains with snowshoes.

2. Biathlon

Biathlon is a hugely popular winter sport in Europe. It was developed as a military training activity. One must wear heavy coats for this sport and ski through deep snow in the woods.

3. Speed Skiing

If one is a very thrill-seeking individual, try speed skiing. Speed skiing requires that you run down a mountain slope at top speeds. One needs to be careful; a slight mistake can cause serious injuries. Make sure to wear safety gear while speed skiing.

4. Iceboating

Iceboating is an unusual winter sport that requires one to race across frozen lakes. For this sport, one must use a boat fitted with ice skates. This allows the boat to skim across the frozen lake.

5. Dog Sled Racing

Dog sled racing is a great way to experience the winter wilderness. Athletes generally use it to train their dogs. Dog sled racing is a thrilling winter sports activity one can try this winter.

6. Curling

Curling is a great winter sport to try out. It is a form of ice hockey where the players have to slide three small metal curling stones across the ice. For this sport, no hockey stick is used.

7. Shovel Racing

Shovel racing is like speed skiing, yet it is a winter sport. The skier must race down the snow slope very quickly. It requires one to wear ski boots and heavy clothing. One must be careful not to fall, as a single fall can result in serious injuries.

8. Ice Climbing

Ice climbing is a sport that requires one to climb up or down ice formations. This sport is not for the faint-hearted. One needs to have extensive knowledge of ice climbing to try this sport.


These are just a few of one the weird sports can try this winter. It is best if one begins with easier winter sports and then slowly move on to the more challenging ones.